About me

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I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles.

I bought my first pack of Tarot Cards in a little backstreet shop in Leicester when I was 17 and have not looked back since. I quickly became aware that the cards ‘spoke’ to me over and above the meaning stated in the accompanying book, and this has been the basis of my approach to reading.

I have been aware of the psychic word since childhood and have embraced this readily, seeking new ways of facilitating contact with this.

I was initiated into Alexandrian Witchcraft in 1994, becoming a High Priestess in 2000, and, until recently, I taught the Arts Magickal to others. This has strengthened my bond with the spiritual realms and has helped me to use my gift of the Sight wisely.

I am also an initiate of Angelic Magic, practise Reiki Healing and maintain an active interest in all spiritual paths. I am currently a member of a Spititual Development Group which focuses on Mediumship, Healing and the training of individual psychic powers.